How to study 1 month before the final exams ?

Preparation for an exam varies from individual to individual. Some are early risers whereas some can study all night but cannot get up early in the morning to study. 
°The first and foremost step is to make a timetable with the syllabus of all your subjects. Do the back counting from your first exam date and accordingly plan. 
°Prioritize the hard subjects/chapters and devote maximum time to them. Planning will reduce stress and increase performance as you will know when to study what. 
° Mark out the important portion of your syllabus and make those topics strong. 
°Define daily targets and you should complete the portions in the allocated time frame.
°Remember, revision is the key to success. You should target completing the syllabus with 2 rounds of revision.
°Disconnect yourself from every social media one month before the exams. 
° Written practice of the practical subjects is extremely important. 
° Attempt 2-3 full course papers before your final exams. This helps in increasing your speed.
Do remember that staying awake at night and last minute preparations before exams are never helpful. So its better not to experiment on such things

All the best! 

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