Importance of CBSE sample papers

Often students ask us this question regarding the importance of CBSE Sample papers and whether there is a need to solve them. 

CBSE releases Sample Papers for Class X and Class XII students who are going to appear for the board exams in the month of January.

Students must practice the sample question papers before taking the board exam due to the following reasons :-

° The sample papers help to reduce the exam stress and fear as they are based on the latest CBSE guidelines and pattern so it gives the  students a fair idea of how the Board Exam question paper is going to be. 

° The sample papers are a 3 hour question paper. Solving them helps the students learn about how to manage their time in an exam. Sample papers help in improving the speed of solving questions and the fear of not completing the paper on time gets reduced. 

° With solving the Sample papers you can practice your presentation skills and see how CBSE is presenting answers and with that improve your own presentation.

° Solving these papers helps the students identify their areas of improvement which in turn helps in better preparation for the board exams. 

 The CBSE sample papers are very important and must be solved by all the students who are appearing for the CBSE Board Exams. They help in increasing speed, improve our presentation skills and in identifying areas of improvement.

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