Common mistakes by students in the exams

1. Ignoring the instructions on the Question Paper – Students don’t consider it important  to read the instructions written on the first page of the Question paper. This might lead them into losing marks if an important instruction is missed by them. So its very important to read the instructions before starting reading of the Questions. 

2. Not utilizing the 15 minutes reading time efficiently – In the 15 minutes reading time, the students must read the question paper properly, choose the questions to do in case of a choice and should start solving the first question mentally. You might think how to do so much in 15 minutes, but trust me you can. Its not impossible. 

3. Time Mismanagement – Time Mismanagement can lead to losing out on marks unnecessarily and also further leads to poor presentation of answers. In the 15 minutes reading time, along with deciding the questions you plan to attempt, you also have to plan your 3 hours as well. Students must plan in advance how much time he/she will dedicate to each question in order to prevent mismanagement of time.  

4. Unplanned Answers- This happens more in the theory subjects where the students start writing the answer to a question without thinking the points to be written, the sequence of the answer etc. This even leads to a lot of cutting and doesn’t give a good impression in front of the paper checker. 

5. Random answering of questions – Its true that questions can be answered in any sequence but its always better either to answer the questions from first to last or from last to first so that you dont miss out on attempting any question in between. Also, leave space in between for the question(s) which you want to attempt later. 

6. Copying incorrect data- This is the most common mistake which students make. They copy the data from the question paper wrongly because of the hurry to complete the paper on time. Students must doubly check the data copied and then start attempting the answer.
Also, please make sure you write your roll no on the answer sheet correctly and tie all your supplementary sheets to the main answer booklet before handing it over. 

Students must practice writing three hour papers for each subject before the board exam so that these mistakes are not committed. Practicing writing three hour papers help us improve your presentation, speed and accuracy. 

All the best to all the Class 10th and 12th students for their upcoming board examination.

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